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I had terrible headaches and tried traditional medicines to no effect. Heard about alternate medicine called homeopathy. Met with Meera for initial consultation and within 3 months my headaches disappeared. Now I ask - where is my headache? Why did I suffer so long? Wish Meera Natt the best.

G Gill

I had been suffering with Acid Reflux for nearly 5 years. This caused great discomfort and was tired with regular medicine. I got to know about Meera through an acquaintance and decided to give her a try. Result - Acid Reflux disease is completely cured.

Philip Thomas

I was suffering from Thyroid problem and traditional medicine was not helping me. I met Homeopath Meera Natt and took homeopathic medicine from her for six months and have been completely cured for the last three years.

M. Banga

I was suffering from Tennis Elbow for last 4 months in both arms. After trying homeopathy under HOM Meera Natt, I find that the pain is gone.

Hammit Malo


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